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It's always been a goal in building Mrs. Riley for the site to not only provide tools but also a community. We bring together so many different types of people who have a lot in common that it just makes sense.

With that said, I'd like to introduce our first guest blogger, Theresa Macfarland. Theresa is an Autism Consultant and Behavior Analyst in Nashville, TN. She attended Vanderbilt University in the same program as our very own Kristin McCole. Rock it Theresa!

If you are interested in writing on a Mrs. Riley blog, please drop us a line.


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Mrs. Riley was created so professionals, teachers, and parents could collaboratively make educational materials, starting with picture cards. If you've ever made a picture card with a custom image yourself, you know that it can be tedious. We understand and after going through it ourselves for so long, we decided to wrap the entire process into a single online application.

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